My Grandfather once owned a Family Grocery Store with delivery service in Brookline, Massachusetts. Back in the 1950's he catered to all of his customers with a smile and treated them like family. My father worked there before and after school. As time moved forward my dad then operated the business with his lather until my grandfather then sold his store.

Outside Pickleworks My dad always wanted to have his own business. In 1981 he purchased "Meatland" in the southern area of Windsor, Connecticut. He converted this store to Windsor Minimart serving the neighborhood area 7 days a week as a grocery store with a deli Needless to say, all of the family helped father in this new venture myself included We renovated the premises to the vision he had for this grocery store. As time went on he then opened West Suffield Minimart in Suffield Connecticut and shortly after opened Portland Minimart in Portland Connecticut He then decided to retire and has great memories of the people who he met over the years. He treated Them like family, like his dad did.

I told my father that I would never own my own business due to the tremendous daily insanity that is required. But in 1992 there was a small deli for sale on Poquonock Avenue in Windsor Connecticut I was then working at Hamilton Standard, and with the tremendous layoffs, decided to purchase this deli. My wife said What?' I named it "Windsor Pickle Deli: with the pickleman logo. After 3 years I needed more space. 700 sq. ft. wasn't big enough because we started catering to area businesses.

Pickleworks Dining Room I then found this deli restaurant in South Windsor for sale with 1800 sq. ft. My wife said "What"?? So my wife and I purchased this Deli-Restaurant in 1995 we went from 14 seats to 48 seats to accommodate our patrons and to increase our catering business with a larger kitchen facility. I then decided to sell the Windsor Connecticut Deli and concentrate on the South Windsor Deli Restaurant.

Ten years later we found ourselves needing more space, just like in 1995. Ironically, we found a closed Pizzeria on Spring Street in Windsor Locks Connecticut. This facility required a lot of renovation, from ceiling to basement. My wife and I want to have a homestyle surrounding for guests to enjoy the meals that our chefs create. Someone once asked me. What is your restaurant theme" I stated 1 don't have one' but all the new restaurants have one! I believe, like my father and his lather that you serve Quality Food, Deliver Quality Food and treat guests like family!

So get comfortable, relax, I'll handle the daily insanity. Because after all these years I think I like it!! And most of all enjoy your meal. Thank you for choosing the PICKLEWORKS. CT Restaurant Association


P.S. Many thanks to my wife for enduring this latest adventure.
To my son for stepping up and having patience when I needed him Most "Demo Man".
To my daughter for her bathroom colors, design and smile.
To my brother for filling in the Gaps".
To Lou for going above the call and making the "Call".
To Matt "Beetle Bailey" "Shaggy" Big Thanks!' Great Future Ahead.
And to my Dad, Always there, anytime. Thanks for the insanity! Couldn't do it without you!!

Member of the
Windsor Locks Chamber of Commerce
and the
Windsor Chamber of Commerce